100% Colorado Hemp

Laboratory Tested

For Purity & Potency


Contains Less than 0.3 THC

Handcrafted with Care

CBD is the dominant component of the cannabis sativa plant (hemp). It is non-psychoactive and its legal in all fifty states. CBD won’t make you high, but there is substantial anecdotal evidence that it is effective as a treatment for an array of ailments and skin conditions. Included are acne, aging skin, anxiety, arthritis, depression, dry skin, eczema, inflammation, muscle pain, joint pain. sleep disorder and wrinkles.

Crucial Hemp CBD products are produced with the lipid infusion method, which is a traditional time-tested process that gently seeps CBD rich hemp flowers into pure botanical oils.  Lipid infusion produces a superior CBD oil that contains the full spectrum of the hundred plus components of the hemp plant.

Pure, Potent & Affordable