About Us

Crucial Hemp is based in Tucson, AZ, and is owned and operated by Denny Finneran. Denny is a founding member of the Hemp Industries Association and he was an active participant in the Association’s successful campaign to legalize hemp in America. Denny is internationally recognized for his hemp cultivation expertise and for the quality of his hemp products. He has traveled worldwide to expand his knowledge of hemp and he has personally witnessed the immense contribution that hemp makes to better the lives of millions of people. He strongly believes that hemp is a crucial gift of nature and he is committed to sharing his expertise to foster the important role that hemp can play in the future of our planet. With the recent legalization of hemp in America, Denny has committed his expertise and the resources of Crucial Hemp to produce and deliver high quality CBD products that are pure, potent, beneficial, and affordable.

Denny teaching hemp cultivation in Zimbabwe