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Information about Hemp CBD

There is universal acclaim as to the many health benefits of Hemp CBD and abundant testimonials touting its effectiveness as a treatment for a wide spectrum of medical conditions and ailments. It is widely praised as a treatment for arthritis pain, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, psoriasis, epilepsy, addiction, and numerous other maladies. Please note, however, that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) advises that it has not reviewed the efficacy of CBD for the diagnoses, treatment or cure for any specific ailments. Additionally, the agency has advised CBD companies against making claims regarding the effectiveness of CBD Oil in the treatment of any diseases or medical ailments. In keeping with theses advisories, Crucial Hemp does not make any claims as to the medical benefits of its CBD products. In that regard, we encourage you to conduct your own investigation into the potential benefits of CBD Oil and to seek the advice of your own health practitioners to determine if CBD products may be suitable for your purposes. Should you decide to try CBD Oil, you can be assured that all of Crucial Hemp's CBD products are expertly formulated, carefully produced, and laboratory tested for purity and potency.  Crucial Hemp CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and they are not psychoactive.

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