Facts About Hemp


...can be planted as a crop for restoring the fertility of fields in the practice of stock rotation.

...as the worlds fastest growing temperate plant it is useful in carbon sequestration - taking carbon out of the air and putting it back into the earth.


...has high levels of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, essential fatty acids and trace elements

Hempseed Oil

...comprises nearly a third of the seeds' weight; making it a viable source for cooking oil, lighting and bio-fuel.

...is also beneficial as a body care product and can be made into soaps, conditioners and lotions.

The Stalk

...provides an incredibly strong, durable and rot resistant fiber that's been used in the shipping industry for centuries. As hemp can grow over ten feet tall, the long fibers are perfect for rope.

...can also be used to make methanol and ethanol.

...short fibers can be used in textiles as a replacement for cotton and synthetics

...woody core, known as hurds, can be mixed with lime, sand, plaster and cement to create very strong concrete or building bricks

...core can be used to make paper and organic plastics.

...core fiber can also be utilized in producing a fiberboard that is twice as strong as wood-based fiberboard.