Pro Partner Sales Agreement

Thank you for partnering with us to offer Crucial Hemp CBD Products to your customers!

This page is intended to confirm both parties understanding of this agreement.  Either party may discontinue this agreement at any time.

Upon agreement Crucial Hemp will provide you with a counter display box containing 12 units (6 units for CBD Coconut Oils) of the product(s) you choose to offer, as well as any marketing materials that accompany the display, at no up front cost to you. Please note: Shipping charges for your first shipment will appear on your first invoice.

We ask that you place the Crucial Hemp Counter Display and marketing materials in an area easily visible to customers. Ideally, we believe the most effective place for the display is near customer check out or reception.

For each unit sold, you agree to pay Crucial Hemp 50% of the retail price, as listed on the website and in the chart below. You will be responsible for all State and Local Sales Taxes.


Suggested Retail Price per unit

Wholesale Cost per Unit

CBD Oil Tincture (1oz)



CBD Coconut Oil



CBD Massage Oil



CBD PET FORMULA Oil Tincture (1oz)







Crucial Hemp products are satisfaction guaranteed. In the event of a customer return, you will be responsible for refunding the customers full payment. You will not be charged for returned units.

By submitting the completed form below you are agreeing to these terms.

You will receive a confirmation email containing your pro partner discount code and instructions for placing your initial order of Crucial Hemp CBD Products.