Crucial Hemp Partners

The many benefits of CBD are widely acclaimed, and the CBD business is profitable and growing exponentially. However, the numerous products, brands, advertised applications, recommended dosages, potencies and pricing is bewildering for consumers. At Crucial Hemp, we strongly believe that the current chaotic marketing of CBD products is a lucrative opportunity for businesses that have customers and clients who can benefit from CBD. Given the opportunity, CBD purchasers would prefer buying their CBD products locally from someone they know and trust.

Crucial Hemp produces a limited line of pure, potent, competitively priced, and clearly described CBD products. We have an established base of loyal online customers, but our primary business is supporting our growing network of partners who are complementing their revenues by making our high-quality CBD products available to their customers and clients. Our network partners include chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, mental health professionals, pet care businesses, natural food stores, and home-based businesses.

If you have clients or customers who already use CBD or would like to try it, take a moment to review the following Crucial Hemp Partner program. Then, call our Partner Coordinator at 305-338-9680 to hear how easy it is to get started.

                                                      Crucial Hemp Partners Program

  • Participation in the Crucial Hemp Partners Program is risk free and without ongoing obligations.
  • Crucial Hemp Partners can order Crucial Hemp CBD products at highly competitive wholesale costs,
  • Partners can begin by ordering a startup supply of products that are appropriate for their clients and customers. Partners can then reorder additional products as needed.
  • Unsold products can be returned at anytime for a refund or exchange..
  • Marketing support materials will be included with the startup order.
  • Partner clients and customers can pay Partners directly for their purchases or, using a credit card, Partners can direct their client or customer payments  to Crucial Hemp. Payments directed to Crucial Hemp will be processed and credited back to the Partner.
  • In addition to direct client sales, Crucial Hemp Partners will receive a percentage of the proceeds of online purchases from clients referred to the Crucial Hemp website. A client registration form and a record of your clients purchases will be located on the website.
  • Crucial Hemp CBD products are Satisfaction Guaranteed. In the unlikely event that a refund is requested, it should be paid immediately and Crucial Hemp will reimburse the Partner for the product costs.
  • To get started, complete the form below or call our Crucial Hemp Partners Coordinator at 305-338-9680.
  • For more information about Crucial Hemp, please visit:

✔ Please send us complimentary samples of your best selling CBD products.