Retail Partners

Partnering with Crucial Hemp is a risk-free way for local independently owned businesses to profitably participate in the booming market for CBD products. As outlined below, partnering with Crucial Hemp is straightforward and equitable.

  • In exchange for partnering with us to sell our full spectrum CBD products, Crucial Hemp will provide a supply of our CBD products that are most likely to appeal to your customers.
  • Your wholesale cost for the products you choose to offer is 50% of the retail prices for the products posted on the Crucial Hemp website. Shop – Crucial Hemp
  • Payment for the products you choose to offer isn’t due until after the products are sold.
  • Unsold products can be returned at any time, and Crucial Hemp will pay for the shipping costs to and from your location.
  • Additional products will be provided as you request and your remittances to Crucial Hemp for the products you sell will be due in agreed upon intervals.

If you would like to discuss how partnering with Crucial Hemp can add meaningful revenues to your business, please complete the form below or contact Denny Finneran at 520-808-9428.